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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  January 7, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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3 even a small amount of snow can have a big impact on the roads. joel d. smith is live in canton. canton. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib)over last two days... pre-treating roads..with salt brine to try to stay ahead of the snow. and when precipitation starts this kind of gives us a
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little bit of a head start on mother nature because even if our trucks are out salting you can't get everywhere very quickly it could take an hour to do the whole route . so this gets something on the base of the road before it starts snowing. ...get updates on traffic and weather information wherever you are...any time you want... with the fox45 app for android and i-phones.just search "fox 45" in your app store...its áfree.á 3
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3 packages designed to ignite as they're opened are found at state offices across maryland. 7-people were treated yesterday because of them, fortunately no one was seriously hurt. hurt.the first package was opened around 12-30 yesterday afternoon at the jeffrey building in annapolis... just blocks away from the state house.the package was found in the mailroom, addressed to governor martin o'malley.when it was opened, it ignited, shooting out a tiny flame that singed a worker's fingers. "those mail rooms were quarantined description of pkgs and we will be going through description of pkgs and commicated about quarantined "those mail rooms were quarantined commicated about description of pkgs and we will be going through that
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mail to make sure there aren't any othe rpkgs ... as of this time we have none." none."the governor is now confirming that the package sent to him, did come with a note. it complained about overhead highway signs that tell people to report suspicious activity.those alert signs have drawn criticism in the past for creating traffic backups. that package was just the start of it all.a second package was opened 20 minutes later at the state department of transportation building in hanover near b-w-i thurgood marshall airport. airport.megan gilliland is live there right now with more on who that package was addressed to. to.good morning patrice, whoever sent this package wanted it, delivered to the state transportation secretary beverly made it to the fourth floor here where her office is located... where an employee opened it. it.officials say the package, about the size of small books, ignited and released a sulphur-like smell. triggering
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the entire building to evacuate.more than 200 employees scrambled to the parking lot.investigators now have a return address... but are not commenting on that just yet. (barnard) "we are working with the maryland state police, the fbi, the postal inspector, the atf. again, we want to get to the bottom of whomever sent these packages." packages."and figure out exactly what they put in them. fortunately, no was hurt here at the state transporation buliding... but 8 people were evaluated as a precaution. today, the building is expected to re-open for business as usual.workers do have pictures of the packages though and are being adviced to keep an eye out for more. live in hanover, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 concerns about suspicious packages didn't end there. two more packages were found in downtown baltimore ... but both turned out ánotá
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to be dangerous. dangerous. one was found at the maryland department of health and mental hygiene building on west preston street ... roads were shutdown and part of the building was evacuated. crews were eventually able to determine the package at was full of laptop batteries. and, a suspicious package at the mitchell courthouse downtown... ended up being printer toner. baltimore just to be clear are not connected to today in annapolis i think again everyone's on high alert as they should be and we just want to make sure that we just want to test every one of these incidents to make want to test every one of make sure that we just alert as they should be again everyone's on high today in annapolis i think anything that happened are not connected to anything that happened today in annapolis i think again everyone's on high alert as they should be and we just want to make sure that we just want to test every one of these incidents to make sure there's no threat to public safy safetypolice would not say what made átheseá packages suspicious......but encourage people to call if they find something out of the ordinary. here's a 12:25 a book-sized piece of mail was opened by a worker at the jeffrey building in annapolis. there was a flash of fire.. smoke and an odor.the worker wasn't hurt.. but 20 m inutes later the same thing happened at the state transportation building in hanover.the investgation is ongoing.
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police uncover strange crimes... after arresting a crofton man. man.anne arundel county say charles novak was arrested last month... after residents found him in their garage.they found novak in possession of a video camera with nude pictures on it.they also found hidden cameras and stolen women's underwear in his home. novak is now in custody... facing "peeping tom" charges. those new credit card reform laws that congress passed last year were supposed protect consumers from greedy credit card companies.... but some experts believe the reforms may have actually hurt some consumers. that there isn't as much credit to go around.. people are selling their personal things.. for money. business at some local pawn shops has nearly doubled.. because of a desperate demand for cash. some experts believe the demand is fueled by new credit card reform laws....which have cost some consumers the luxury of buying on credit. (12:16:00) "there's people that, before, could get a credit card, are now cannot
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get a credit card and they still need the same amount of m" money..." congress passed these new laws to prevent credit card companies from charging monster fees and high interest rates. a georgia man says he might not be alive today... if it wasn't for his cell phone. phone.john garber... who works at a valet service... was helping a customer get to his car... when shots rang of the bullets hit his coat... where his cell phone was tucked away in a pocket.he says the cell phone battery is what stopped the bullet.two people were arrested in the shooting.garber's employer is paying to replace his cell phone. officials at detroit's airport uncover one of the biggest drug busts the airport has ever seen.only this drug bust wasn't discovered in the suspect's luggage... it was discovered in her body. authorities say a nigerian woman swallowed more than á2 poundsá of heroin.she was taken to a hospital.. where
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doctors removed the packets. the drugs are worth an estimated 1-hundred-25 thousand dollars. this isn't the best way to deal with rising gas prices. take a look at this video of an elderly man.. driving his electric wheelchair along i-95 in connecticut!although this camera caught the driver mostly on the shoulder, authorities believe he did make it onto the highway at one point.the man wasn't given a ticket.but, police say traveling on a highway on an electric scooter or wheelchair is illegal. 3 the ravens first playoff game is the ravens first playoff game is this sunday against the kansas city chiefs.. and you can feel the excitement all across baltimore. baltimore."we are going to blow them out, don't you see me, i'm all ready, i'm starting early." early." ravens fans were all decked out at a ravens rally at m&t bank stadium. former
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ravens kicker matt stover was there enjoying the excitement too. 3 3 "baltimore has an unbelieveable fan base........i can't wait to see that again." wait to see that fan base........i can't wait to see that and fox45 is the home of the n-f-l can see super bowl 45... only on fox45.the game is sunday, february sixth. steve and i will take on the anchors of kansas city's fox 4 morning news.. in a friendly ravens vs. chiefs smack talk smackdown.that's coming up in our 7 o'clock hour...but in the meantime if you want to join in.. go to our facebook page for details about how you can spread your digital purple pride all over kansas city. dean took his purple pride all
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the way to red wood california. he says he wants ray rice to run as long as these redwood roots. 3 no matter where you're from...we're looking for all of you ravens fans to send us in photos showing off your "purple pride". go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on the community features section. it's friday... and that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and yyur response could air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. still ahead on the early edition..a mother .. outraged. outraged.14:55:20 she took my 4 year old son into the bathroom which is in the classroom and she spanked him on the tail :25 :25why the teacher isn't facing charges. charges. 3
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still to come.. how one woman managed to deliver a baby.. without knowing she was pregnant. pregnant.14:55:20 she took my 4 year old son into the bathroom which is in the classroom and she spanked him on the tail :25 :25and next.. a teacher takes matters into her own hands.why she isn't facing charges. ((bump out)) first on fox.. a mother is outraged after her
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child is ááspankedáá at school. it happened at northwood elementary in baltimore. baltimore. crime and justice reporter joy leopla tells us why the teacher will not face charges. charges. ((pkg))14:55:20 she took my 4 year old son into the bathroom which is in the classroom and she spanked him on the tail :25 tiffanee tilman's four year old son attends pre-k here at northwood elementary. several weeks ago, mykilyn came home and told his mom he was spanked.14:58:31 i wouldn't have ever knew if my son never came home and told me the principal wouldn't have known if i didn't call her. the next call went out to school police who interviewed the teacher and later wrote..."she admitted to spanking mykilyn but she was not trying to bring any harm to him only to get his attention because he was acting out."14:58:18 she
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could have taken my son to the office she could have pushed the intercom button for someone to come get him she has an assistant in the classroom so she could have left the room to give me a phonecall to let me know how my child was acting 14:58:28 to make matters worse, tilman just found out the teacher won't be prosecuted.14:56:29 because my son did not have any bruises on his body. school police even wrote child protective services would not be responding" for the same reason. that being (torn paper) "...there were no bruises or injuries..." the baltimore city public school systems says spanking is not allowed. for now, mykilyn's teacher remains on administrative leave... his mother however fears... the teacher will be allowed to return despite what's happened. 14:56:39 to me it's not right because now you're letting beat a child in school and - nothing will be done in northeast baltimore joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. still ahead.. a four year old student.. abandoned by a bus driver. driver. (mom)" i dont know how
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any one can sleep at night knowing that left a 4 year old by themselves." the reason he was left alone at a stop. stop.and next.. charging on the go.the new cars that will come equipped with built in i- phone chargers. ((break 3))
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taking a beating today.people selling because holiday shoppers weren't buying as much as hoped. target, the gap and macy's a few of the big names with sales falling short of expectations.but high end stores like saks and nordstrom posting solid gains.another electric car is set to hit ceo alan mulally telling fox business the all-electric focus will go on sale this wall street.the dow shedding 25 points.that's its first down day of the year.discounted iphones are to start selling the 3-g-s versions for 49 bucks a pop as
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long as you buy a two year contract.and you'll be able to juice that phone on the go.g-m to put recharging mats on to consoles of certain new car models starting next year. that's business, i'm dennis kneale. still ahead... left t the bus stop. stop. (mom)" i dont know how any one can sleep at night knowing that left a 4 year old by themselves." why it happened to one little b. boy.. 3 3
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